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Date : 21st to 23rd March ’14.

Place : Delhi

Format : Asians (n+1 applies)

Registration Fee :  Rs. 1000 per debater with accommodation/ Rs. 300 per debater without accommodation (Accommodation will be provided for two days only)

Slots Allotted : 1 (They have a team cap of 20 teams and are only offering one slot per institution.)

Internal Registration : 11:59PM, 02/03/2014 

Note : The challenger will take place on the 3rd of March as filled in registration forms have to be sent to the organizers by the 4th.

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Place : Chennai

Dates: 14th to 17th March, 2014

Format : British( An adjudicator per team is compulsory.)

Registration Fee : Rs. 750 per person

Accommodation Fee : Rs. 250 per person per day(includes two meals a day)

Slots Allotted : Maximum of 3 (we will ask for slots based on our requirement.)

Internal Registration : 11:59PM, 22/02/2014

The facebook page is here.

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Vox Populi, IIT Roorkee

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The following is the mail received from the organisers of Voc Populi, IIT-Roorkee : 

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

“Vox Populi”, the official annual parliamentary debate of IIT Roorkee is back! This time, being organized under the aegis of ‘Cognizance’ from 21st March to 23rd March, 2014. We will follow the 2-on-2 Parliamentary Debate Format.

Cognizance is the annual technical festival of IITR, which witnesses participation of thousands of students from different parts of the country and abroad. ( All institutions are cordially invited to send 3 teams along with the requisite number of A-level adjudicators going by the n+1 rule.The cap on the total number of teams is 30.

There will be a preliminary online round for the event as well for which participants are requested to submit an abstract on any one of two topics, the details of which have been attached along with the email. Teams may also find the same on the official website of cognizance under the category “Literio” in “CentreStage Events”. (

All interested institutions are requested to reply back with the number of teams they wish to send along with their abstracts latest by 28th February, 2014 . We invite participation from cross teams as well.

Participating teams and adjudicators will be provided accommodation (for the entire fest), meals (3 times a day) , welcome kit (bag+stationery) on your arrival. In case of any queries they may email to

Details regarding the Adjudication core will be revealed shortly. You can also get in touch with members of the Organization Committee at the undersigned.
Looking forward to your participation!
Team Cognizance
(The IITR Debate)

Internal registration for the debate ends at 11:59PM on the 22nd of February, 2014.

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Manzar, Miranda House

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Place : New Delhi

Dates : 10th to 12th March, 2014

Format : Asians 3 on 3 (N+1 applies)

Registration Fee : To be confirmed.

You can access the facebook page here.

Slots Allotted : 2

Internal Registration : 11:59PM, 22/02/2014

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NLS Debate, 2014

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Place : National Law School, Bangalore

Dates: 28th to 31st March, 2014

Format: Asians (3 on 3)

Registration fee, without accommodation :  Rs. 1500
Registration fee, with accommodation : Rs. 2500

Slots Allotted : 1 team, 1 adjudicator

Internal Registration : 11:59PM, 22nd February, 2014

The facebook event is here.

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Place : New Delhi

Dates : 1st to 4th March, 2014

Format : Asians 3 on 3

Registration Fee : Rs. 2000 per person (inclusive of 3 star accommodation, transport, break night party, finals at a 5 star hotel and championship dinner)

You can access the facebook page here.

Slots Allotted : 3

Internal Registration : 11:59PM, 01/02/2014

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Note : A partial payment of Rs. 1000 per participant has to be made by the 3rd of February to confirm registration.

Place : Kirori Mal College, Delhi University

Dates : 7th to 10th February, 2014

Format: Asians (3 on 3), n+1 applies

Registration fee : To be confirmed

Slots Allotted : 1 (subject to increase)

Internal Registration : 5PM, 26/01/2014

Note : We apologize for the late notification and the little time we are giving for internal registration. The confirmation from the organisers came in only today and we need to get over with the internal selection process quickly in order to ensure that the team selected is able to get tickets booked.

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