Start-Ups and The Law Student

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Uncategorized



It is not uncommon to hear stories about students from top ranked management and engineering institutes across India rejecting high paying job offers to nurture their own dreams instead. Do a google search and you will find hundreds of quotes encouraging you to think, work and to aspire to reach  heights much greater, than the ones you would reach, while working as someone’s employee.  Even if one goes by the most optimistic estimates, the job scenario for law-graduates across the country presents a depressing picture . Some commentators have even gone on the declare that this is the worst time in history to be a law graduate.

In spite of all of this, one finds that the culture of start-ups with regard to law graduates in India, is still at a very nascent stage.  There are a few successful examples – Akosha, Ipleaders, Vakilsearch, LegallyIndia(along with a few other legal news sites) that come to mind but by and large, it would be difficult to argue against the contention that the Indian legal space, despite the dog eat dog competition, does offer one ample scope to look beyond the regular practice/law firm/llm- phd-teaching routine.

I know all of this sounds like a shot in the dark at the moment but some explanation regarding entrepreneurship, start-ups and the works will go a long way in convincing you about the plausibility of what we are trying to say. It is for this purpose, that we have invited Prof. (Dr.) Rajeev Roy from IIM, Raipur, one of the country’s most authoritative speakers on entrepreneurship, for an informal lecture on the subject of . Luckily for us, Prof. Roy is a lawyer by education having completed his LLB from ULC, Bhubaneshwar. He went on to complete his PGDM from IIM, Ahmedabad before completing his PhD from Utkal University.

Prof. Roy worked Price Waterhouse Cooper for a year before venturing to start his own start-ups. His entrepreneurial ventures included food processing, dairy, aquaculture, microfinance and business process outsourcing. Subsequently, he joined the Loyola University, Maryland where he taught entrepreneurship and international business to graduate and post graduate students. He taught eight batches of students at XIM, Bhubaneshwar before joining IIM, Raipur in 2013. He conducts frequent training programmes on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is also a visiting faculty at Sellinger Business School at Baltimore, USA.

His current research interests are centred on entrepreneurship and small business. He has published several research papers and case studies pertaining to these topics. He has also written a book titled Entrepreneurship which was published by Oxford University Press and is now in its second edition.

Besides all of the academic credibility, Prof. Roy is also a seasoned quizzer having been a regional winner in the Corporate rounds of the Tata Crucible Quiz.

The session with Prof. Roy promises to be engaging, thought provoking besides being completely off the beaten track. For our part, we are certain that this event is different from anything that we’ve had before in University. The dates will be finalised once university reopens. We hope you to see you at the conference hall!


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